Paspampres to Ensure President Jokowi's Security during Ukraine, Russia Visit

Antara - 23 June 2022 19:06 WIB
Paspampres to Ensure President Jokowis Security during Ukraine, Russia Visit
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) (
Jakarta: The Presidential Guard Force (Paspampres) is ready to ensure President Joko Widodo's (Jokowi's) security during his visit to Ukraine and Russia later this June, according to Paspampres commander.

President Jokowi is expected to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kiev and later hold a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow to highlight humanitarian issues in the ongoing conflict between the two countries after attending the G7 Summit in Germany on June 26-28, 2022.
"We have begun (the preparation) from several weeks earlier, and the training continues till this day. Our training is on various activities or scenarios that we must anticipate," Paspampres Commander Major General Tri Budi Utomo stated here on Thursday.

Utomo pointed out that Paspampres security officers are undergoing training on security threat scenarios in various locations, such as aboard the train, at the train station, or on public roads.

The presidential guard will also ready additional rescue teams that are usually not called to secure presidential visits and activities, he noted, adding that the rescue teams will wear military uniforms.

"For the main security group, we stick to our rescue plan while protecting the president. However, if the rescue team is assigned a different task, then we have also prepared for it," the major general revealed.

Utomo noted that the security force had readied 39 personnel that will be divided into three groups. Some 10 personnel will be part of the rescue group, 19 personnel in the main security group, and 10 personnel in the forward team that will arrive earlier before the presidential visit, he elaborated.

The Paspampres also readied safety helmets and bullet-proof vests for the president and other delegates during the visit and will ready special weapons to perform the presidential guard duty, Utomo added.


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