Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation Seeks Support to Nurture 162 Bamboo Varieties

    Antara - 26 November 2021 16:52 WIB
    Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation Seeks Support to Nurture 162 Bamboo Varieties
    Indonesians have since long used bamboo for various purposes.

    Jakarta: The Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation (KEHATI) is rallying support to preserve 162 types of bamboo in Indonesia.

    Out of the 1,439 varieties of bamboo in the world, 162 thrived in Indonesia, KEHATI Foundation Agriculture Program Manager, Puji Sumedi Hanggarawati said in a  press release on Friday.


    Hanggarawati noted that Indonesians have since long used bamboo for various purposes, such as building houses and transportation facilities; making weapons and household appliances; creating musical instruments; and preparing food and herbal medicine.

    She affirmed that bamboo was used to make fishing equipment, rafts, and traditional houses, such as the Rumah Rakit from South Sumatra, Baduy Customary House in Banten, and Honai Customary House in Papua.

    "From birth to death, the life of Indonesian people cannot be separated from the function of bamboo plants," she highlighted.

    However, Hanggarawati noted that not many Indonesians, including those from the younger generation, possessed knowledge about bamboo. She pointed out that bamboo was available in several forms and offered myriad benefits and advantages, as well as played roles in nurturing civilization and human life.

    "Hence, the involvement of all parties is needed to educate and preserve Indonesian bamboo plants," she added.

    Hanggarawati explained that in addition to bamboo plants being used as construction materials, food, and medicine, they have the ability to absorb water and bind to the soil to prevent erosion, sedimentation, and landslides.

    She noted that bamboo can also absorb carbon dioxide, with an absorption capacity of 100 to 400 tons per hectare annually, which means it can be used to support climate change mitigation.

    KEHATI Foundation, established in 1994, has a mission to serve as a catalyst in discovering innovative ways to protect Indonesian biodiversity. It also has a purpose to support the green economy and sustainable, clean, and open public policy.


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