Covid-19 Volunteers Inform on Health Protocols before New Normal Era

    Antara - 03 Juli 2020 17:25 WIB
    Covid-19 Volunteers Inform on Health Protocols before New Normal Era
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    Jakarta: Volunteers from the Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Handling are stationed on the frontline to disseminate information on the new normal practices to ensure productivity while safeguarding from covid-19 infections.

    Head of the Task Force's Volunteers Team, Andre Rahadian, remarked that ever since the time it was opened, up until today, a total of 30,924 medical and non-medical volunteers had registered. At the start of the recruitment process, medical volunteers were largely deployed at several health facilities, including the Athlete's Village Emergency Hospital.

    "During the second phase, in ushering in the new normal, we are concentrating on non-medical volunteers to be on the frontlines in stemming the spread of covid-19," Rahadian noted during a discussion held by the Task Force in Jakarta, Friday.

    The non-medical volunteers will be working alongside the public to ensure health security, as well as handling the socio-economic aspects. The activities will comprise operating emergency response systems and raising awareness of health protocols in their respective communities.

    The coordinating team hosts 5,536 trained volunteers that are presently ready to be placed in various areas.

    One of the recent tasks conducted by volunteers was to edify traditional market sellers and managements in 27 markets.

    "We know that recently, markets have become new epicenters and new clusters. Hence, we realize the need to raise awareness among the people, right from sellers to the consumers," he stated.

    Rahadian explained that the measure to disseminate information were part of the efforts to remind the public of the importance of health protocols to ensure productivity while staying safe from covid-19.

    Apart from the Task Force's volunteers, they are also working along with volunteers from other groups and community organizations. (antara)


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