Jordan Minister Opens World of Batik Workshop

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 10 June 2022 10:43 WIB
Jordan Minister Opens World of Batik Workshop
Batik is a traditional textile from Indonesia. (Photo: KBRI Amman)
?Jakarta: The Minister of Culture of Jordan, Haifa Najjar, opened the World of Batik Workshop: An Indonesia Batik and Culinary Experience in the Residence of the Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Minister Najjar welcomed the event so that Jordan can learn about Batik as a cultural heritage from Indonesia, and hoped that the partnership between Indonesia and Jordan will continue in the years to come. 
"This is part of our vision to learn, because Jordan is a learning country. We are proud to be open to the world," she said in a press release on Thursday, June 9, 2020.

Ambassador Ade Padmo Sarwono touched upon the cultural similarities between Indonesia and Jordan, as well as the same vision in supporting traditional culture and dresses.

The workshop was held by the Indonesian Embassy in Amman in collaboration with the Indonesian Women's Association in Amman, and has featured Ms. Venny Alamsyah, a traditional textile expert from the Batik House Indonesia.

Batik is a traditional textile from Indonesia. It is an ancient art form from Indonesia, which originated from the island of Java and has been practiced for centuries. 

Batik is made using a wax-resist dye technique, and is a very complex process, since the fabric needs to be coloured separately after applying wax pattern, and then boiling the fabric to remove the wax for as many times as the number of colours wanted to be applied in the fabric.

Batik is a very important part of tradition in Indonesia, and Batik clothing is worn by Indonesians for formal or casual events. 

Some events even require its participants to wear Batik. Many Indonesians use Batik in all stages of their lives: from being held in a Batik sling when they are babies, wearing Batik uniform to school, wearing Batik clothes to attend formal events, and even covered in a piece of Batik cloth after they died and awaiting burial.

Batik has also been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity from Indonesia since 2 October 2009. 

Since then, Indonesia annually celebrates 2 October as the National Batik Day.


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