Media Group Officially Launches Magna Channel

    Cindy - 16 Juli 2020 15:31 WIB
    Media Group Officially Launches Magna Channel
    Illustration (Photo:Magna Channel)
    Jakarta: Media Group has officially launched Magna Channel, a national digitial terrestrial television channel. People can watch this channel for free in 11 major cities in Indonesia.
    "Amid covid-19 crisis, today, God willing, we launch a new wind of Indonesian broadcasting, the first national terrestrial digital television channel, namely Magna Channel," Media Group CEO Muhammad Mirdal Akib said at the  Metro TV headquarters in West Jakarta on Thursday.
    Magna Channel will air in 11 cities, namely Banten, Jakarta, Semarang, Samarinda, Banjarmasin, Medan, Aceh, Nunukan, Surabaya, Bandung and Yogyakarta. 

    Magna Channel will be available on Over the Top (OTT), satellite television, fiber television, and cable television platforms.

    In addition, people can also watch Magna Channel through streaming and social media services, especially

    "The genre of the channel is female, kids and millenials. It is essentially a family-friendly channel," Mirdal said.

    According to Mirdal, 65 percent of Indonesians are people under 30. Furthermore, the majority of the group are female.

    Mirdal explained that Magna Channel will broadcast drama series, music programs and shows for kids. He also revealed that the channel is currently formulating several breakthrough tv programs.


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