Europe on Screen 2020 Receives Positive Reactions from Public

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 01 December 2020 13:45 WIB
    Europe on Screen 2020 Receives Positive Reactions from Public
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    Jakarta: The 20th European Union (EU) Film Festival “Europe on Screen 2020” ended its 15-day online movie screenings and fringe events on Monday. 

    A total of 40 European films and a compilation of 3 Indonesian short films, as well as 20 sessions of film talks with international and local filmmakers, have been streamed online and watched by Indonesian audiences across the country.

    “This year, Europe on Screen presented 40 films from 25 European countries. We have shown the Indonesian public the diversity of our continent and the creativity of the audio-visual sector. The festival captured Europe’s uniqueness through lively stories with messages that transcend time and borders,” said Vincent Piket, EU Ambassador to Indonesia, in a press release on Monday.

    "We also built links between top personalities from the European film industry and film students in Indonesia. I hope that the sharing of experience and knowledge will help these students along their creative paths. Finally, I am happy to announce that Europe on Screen will be back next year," he added.

    Although many miss the cinema-going culture, the Europe on Screen 2020 online edition has received positive reactions from the public. 

    "The audience’s warm response was beyond our expectation, especially as tickets to watch many of the films were immediately sold out in the first week," said Meninaputri Wismurti, Europe on Screen 2020 Festival Co-Director. 

    "Various non-screening events also received good engagements from our audiences, creating a hope for current film industry impacted by the pandemic," added Nauval Yazid, Europe on Screen 2020 Festival Co-Directors.


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