Indonesia Issues Regulation to Strengthen Cultural Heritage

Antara - 10 January 2022 14:53 WIB
Indonesia Issues Regulation to Strengthen Cultural Heritage
The regulation encompasses stipulation on managing the cultural heritage.
Jakarta: The Indonesian government has bolstered efforts to preserve the country's cultural heritage by implementing Governmental Regulation No. 1 of 2022 on National Registration and Cultural Heritage Preservation.

According to the government's press statement here on Monday, the regulation encompasses stipulation on managing the cultural heritage, starting from registration, preservation, management, incentive and compensation provision to monitoring and financing.
Before the regulation, the cultural heritage national registration process, objects' repatriation, development, and preservation were conducted by the Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry with the support of work units in region.

After the regulation is implemented, ministers, governors, district heads, or mayors are obligated to determine the rank for cultural heritage based on the review result and recommendation from the Cultural Heritage Expert Team.

Moreover, they should conduct clarification and recording of cultural heritage within the National Register and provide cultural heritage status clarification letters and cultural heritage ownership clarification letters determined before the regulation.

According to the new regulation, anyone having or possessing objects suspected of being cultural heritage (ODCB) is obligated to register the objects with the district heads or mayors.

In addition, the person finding the ODCB should report his or her finding to related institutions and/or police within the regions where the objects are found.

Moreover, no one is permitted to find ODCB without the permission of ministers, governors, district heads, or mayors.

Citizens keen to use cultural heritage for purposes related to religion, social, education, science and technology, culture, and tourism should submit a facilitation or utilization application.

This application should be delivered to ministers, governors, district heads, or mayors in accordance with the rank of the cultural heritage.

The government regulation on national registration and cultural heritage's preservation also covers the people's involvement in the effort to monitor the cultural heritage and prevent regulation violation.

Culture Director General Hilmar Farid noted that the government regulation will be a reference point for the central and region governments as well as citizens in managing and preserving the cultural heritage.

"This regulation is expected to have a positive impact on the cultural heritage preservation efforts as well as help to assert that the concern and involvement of all parties is very important to preserve the cultural heritage," he affirmed.


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