Europe on Screen 2020 Expected to Spread Message of Intercultural Understanding

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 17 November 2020 14:41 WIB
    Europe on Screen 2020 Expected to Spread Message of Intercultural Understanding
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    Jakarta: The European Union (EU) Film Festival “Europe on Screen” (EOS), one of the largest and longest-running film festival in Indonesia, is back, running from 16 to 30 November 2020 via the online platform Festival Scope. 

    This year, 40 films from 25 European countries can be streamed from anywhere in Indonesia for free.

    “Here we are with the 20th edition of Europe on Screen. For the first time in the festival’s history, Europe on Screen hosts all its screenings virtually. Despite having to adapt to the present circumstances, we will present the best and latest films Europe has to offer," said Vincent Piket, EU Ambassador to Indonesia, in a press release on Monday.

    "These films are a medium to bring enjoyment to everyone, but at the same time enrich us with insights into different cultures. In this respect, I hope that Europe on Screen 2020 continues to spread the message of intercultural understanding between people with different beliefs, ideas and values. Something that is more important than ever in this era of globalisation," he added.

    In addition to the European films, the festival will feature three Indonesian short films from winners of the EOS Short Film Pitching Project (SFPP) 2019. 

    For EOS SFPP 2020, nine finalists will present their short film ideas during a judging session on November 26-27.

    Prior to the start of the festival, Europe on Screen has held two pre-festival events: a four-day intensive script writing workshop with Domenico La Porta of Cineuropa and a webinar on hosting online film festivals with Matthieu Eberhardt of Festival Scope and organisers of EU film festivals in Indonesia, India and Zimbabwe.


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