The Increasing Trend of Online Shopping for Daily Needs

    Raka Lestari - 07 Juni 2018 20:04 WIB
    The Increasing Trend of Online Shopping for Daily Needs
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom/M Rizal)
    Jakarta: At this advanced era, online shopping is not something new for the public. As the result, the vast options of online sellers have significantly helped consumers. Not only clothing or gadgets, the trend now also includes daily needs. 

    "The online shopping trend has grown rapidly within the past few years, especially during holiday, such as the ongoing fasting month,"  said Rezki Yanuar, Country Brand Manager of Shopee.

    "We see the increasing needs for daily domestic products during the Ramadan sale season, starting from the necessities for babies, soap, cooking oil, especially food and beverages,"  he added.

    According to Rezki, there are several factors that cause the increasing consumer spending. 

    "First, consumers usually have lots of free time during Ramadan month, then there are those who have allocated funds for shopping, for example by using their holiday allowance (THR)," he explained.

    This trend has also provided massive opportunities for local players to develop their businesses. 

    "With the online format, they may reach more customers," he stated.


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