Enthusiasm Brewing at the Indonesian Embassy’s Coffee Promotion Event in Brunei

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 05 July 2022 14:52 WIB
Enthusiasm Brewing at the Indonesian Embassy’s Coffee Promotion Event in Brunei
"Brunei is now at the juncture of expanding its coffee culture. (Photo:
Jakarta: More than a hundred coffee enthusiasts attended the Indonesian Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawant's event lasy weekend. 

Taking the theme "My Kupi, My Indonesia", this event presented Indonesia's exotic coffees of distinctive aroma and notes to Brunei audience. 
A range of uniquely taste coffees reflecting Indonesia's geographical diversity has been accentuated during the event including beans from Gayo, Toba, and Jambi of Sumatera Island; Puntang, Kamojang, Malabar, and Ijen of Java; and from Toraja of Sulawesi as well as arabica and robusta from Kintamani, Bali. 

"Brunei is now at the juncture of expanding its coffee culture. I found great enthusiasm in the Bruneian youths to learn more about their coffee. Some even have gone further and start eyeing the potential to develop their own business with coffee. I believe Indonesia is the best choice for them to source the coffee from as well as a partner for popularizing the coffee culture in Brunei," said Dr. Sujatmiko, the Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam, in a press release on Tuesday.

"There are also ample opportunities for Bruneian businesses to benefit from Indonesian growing coffee industry. The continually expanding middle class in Indonesia are thirsty for good vibe cafes. The strong demand is there and I invite Bruneians to visit and invest," he added.

Attending the event were the local government officials, foreign representatives, businesspersons, media, influencers, and Brunei coffee enthusiasts.

The Embassy invited local cafes namely Batches, the Café, Kupipiks, Ratio, Ngupi, and Café Labi to display their coffee making skills with espresso machines and manual brew method and to share the resulted cups to the audience.

Some people are attracted by the light acidity that goes in combination with peanut, caramel and chocolate notes featured by Gayo coffee, others prefer the distinctive aroma of Toraja coffee, while the unique citrusy and clean after-taste of Balinese coffee appeals to a different group. 

Similarly, people enjoy the sweet fruity taste of West Java coffee and also the strong and thick taste typical of East Java's Ijen coffee.

The audience were also treated to Indonesian cultural show notably Pendet Dance of Bali, Indang Dance of West Sumatera, and Gemufamire Dance of Maumere, East Nusa Tenggara. 

During the coffee tasting, some Indonesian food were also provided, such as laksa, layered steam cassava cake, lemper (sticky rice with chicken floss), egg martabak, and cheese and banana bolen.

?The Embassy is thankful to the support extended by the Caffeine Roastery Lab, Sirna Enterprise, Sariayu Martha Tilaar, and Syarikat Rajamas Bersama Sdn Bhd.


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