Garin Nugroho, Riri Riza to Participate in Iranian Film Festival

    Elang Riki Yanuar - 05 May 2021 13:40 WIB
    Garin Nugroho, Riri Riza to Participate in Iranian Film Festival
    Iranian Film Festival 2021: Klikfilm)

    Jakarta: After holding Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival and My French Film Festival, streaming site Klik Film held a similar online event titled Iranian Film Festival. 

    Iranian Film Festival 2021 will be held from May 5 to May 20.


    The event presents 25 critically acclaimed Iranian movies, including Sun Children, Majid Majidi's movie that received Oscar nomination this year.

    “There are also movies such as A Separation that won an Oscar for the foreign language film category in 2012. Iranian Film Festival also present other best Iranian movies such as The Past, A Heart From An Eye, The Descendant, etc.,” Said Klik Film Director, Frederica in her written statement.

    Iranian Film Festival 2021 also presentd talk shows that include Indonesian filmmakers, such as Riri Riza, Garin Nugroho and Rako Prijanto.

    “There are a lot of good movies. This is proven by the abundance of Iranian movies in international film festivals, such as Oscar. This is the reason why Klik Film held Iranian Film Festival,” Said Frederica. (translator: Natasha Celia).


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