Several Hotels Ready to Accommodate Medical Personnel: Tourism Minister

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 30 Maret 2020 12:05 WIB
    Several Hotels Ready to Accommodate Medical Personnel: Tourism Minister
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio made sure that the hotels assigned to accommodate frontline medical personnel and task forces who are fighting the Covid-19 outbreak are ready to be used.

    After the press conference of the handover of accommodation facilities to support the COVID-19 Task Force at the BNPB Building, Saturday, March 28, 2020, Wishnutama continued by visiting Novotel Cikini in Jakarta to review the final preparation of the hotel in accommodating medical personnel and task forces.

    On that occasion, Wishnutama ensured all procedures that will be applied to medical personnel, starting from going through the disinfection chamber, measuring body temperature, and providing hand sanitizer facilities in the entrance area of the lobby.

    After that, Whisnutama, who on this occasion was accompanied by Vice Minister Angela Tanoesoedibjo, Deputy of Marketing Nia Niscaya, and Spokesperson for Covid-19 Task Force for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Ari Juliano Gema examined the check-in process in the lobby area where the hotel strictly applies the concept of physical distancing, including minimizing physical contacts.

    Medical personnel and members of the task force, who had previously been registered by the referral hospital to stay overnight, were only asked to show a photo of their identity through the screen of their smartphone to be adjusted to the available data so that they can be informed of their room number. At the receptionist's desk, the hotel has prepared synthetic gloves and hand sanitizers.

    After getting the room number, the medical staff must walk through the hallway to a large table with many room keys. They must take one key according to the room number assigned.

    The hotel has also prepared a sign for physical distancing in front of the elevator and also inside. Hand sanitizers are always available at each phase.

    "I have gone around and seen the preparations firsthand. It is important for us to work together in this program so that the hotel chains can establish a proper standard in order to be able to provide comfort and security for medical personnel and also for hotel workers," Wishnutama said.

    For all the needs of the medical staff during their stay, the hotel also prepares everything in accordance with the standard operating procedures established by the WHO and the Ministry of Health. Food, laundry clothes, and staff on duty have also been prepared using complete equipment. Everything is in accordance with established standards.

    "I immediately checked how to obtain the room keys, food, and also laundry safely. Those are all factors that we need to pay attention to and become one of our main requirements," Wishnutama said.

    He emphasized that this cooperation was only in an early stage, and it was expected that the system could be properly established so that it can be applied to other regions later.

    "This cooperation is not only a matter of accommodation. We are also working with companies such as Bluebird Group, Antavaya, Whitehorse Group, and Panorama Destination to provide transportation to be use to transport the doctors and nurses to mentioned appointed hospitals," Wishnutama said.


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