Papua to Take Part in Pacific Exposition 2021 in New Zealand

    Antara - 09 April 2021 14:11 WIB
    Papua to Take Part in Pacific Exposition 2021 in New Zealand
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    Jayapura: The Papua provincial government is planning to take part in the Pacific Exposition 2021 in New Zealand to showcase key commodities, including several variants of non-rice food commodities.

    "We will also promote other natural wealth of the Land of Cendrawasih and natural tourism in Papua, one of the world's tourist destinations in the Pacific," Papua Vice Governor Klemen Tinal said in Jayapura on Thursday.


    In addition, the provincial government will promote sports tourism at the biennial expo. Papua is ready to host the Pacific Games in the coming years if it receives a mandate from the central government, he added.

    "This is because we have built sports venues of international standards," Tinal continued.

    He said he has appointed the secretary of the Papua provincial administration to coordinate with the regional apparatus organization (OPD) to make preparations for the regional event.

    Secretary of the Papua provincial government, Dance Yulian Flassy, shared Tinal's view saying his side will prepare regulations and infrastructure to support the event.

    "In this case, technological instrument is badly needed because the event will be held virtually and watched by people all over the world," he said.

    The provincial government will also prepare unique handicrafts, which will be showcased in a fashion show or an offline parade, to be held in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, from October 28 to 30, he added.

    Earlier, the Indonesian Embassy in New Zealand and the Papua provincial government had held a virtual coordination meeting, which was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador to New Zealand and officials from the Indonesian Embassy, the Papua vice governor, secretary of the Papua provincial administration, chief of the communication and information office, and chief of the Border and Foreign Cooperation Board.


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