Foreign Tourist Arrivals in North Sumatra Have Started to Rise: BPS

    Antara - 04 Agustus 2020 13:52 WIB
    Foreign Tourist Arrivals in North Sumatra Have Started to Rise: BPS
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Medan: The number of foreign tourists arriving in North Sumatra has started to rise since June 2020, according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS).

    "In June, 99 foreign tourists had entered North Sumatra as compared to one tourist in May," Head of North Sumatra BPS Dinar Butar-Butar stated here on Tuesday.

    Although it dropped from 21,143 foreign tourist arrivals in June 2019, it was a positive indication in the wake of the efforts to revive the tourism industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he remarked.

    Of the 99 foreign tourists, 75 were from Malaysia.

    "As tourists began to arrive in the new normal era, the room occupancy rates at star-rated hotels in North Sumatra in June 2020 began to increase or at an average of 20.12 percent," he noted.

    The room occupancy rate rose 6.30 percentage points, from 13.82 in May 2020.

    However, the average length of stay of foreign and domestic guests at star-rated hotels in June 2020 was yet short, notably 1.48 days, down 0.43 percentage points from that May 2020. (antara)


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