Jakarta Anniversary Virtual Celebration Expected to Lend New Experience

    Antara - 22 Juni 2020 20:04 WIB
    Jakarta Anniversary Virtual Celebration Expected to Lend New Experience
    The National Monument Square (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Jakarta: The governor of Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, is optimistic that a virtual celebration to commemorate the capital city’s 493th anniversary, falling on June 22, would offer a new-fangled experience for the community amid the unceasing covid-19 pandemic.

    "This virtual celebration is expected to lend a new experience to the community, as technology will be utilized optimally for social interactions and cultural economic activities, including the experience of city tours, through the use of virtual methods," Baswedan stated at the Jakarta City Hall after holding a welcome ceremony to mark the 493th anniversary of Jakarta on Monday.

    Disparate to the anniversary celebrations organized earlier, the Jakarta provincial government decided to not mark Jakarta's anniversary with carnivals or festivals that tend to draw crowds in the wake of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

    The governor was also upbeat that the events can be accessed virtually and offer a broader understanding of Jakarta to those residing in Indonesia and other countries.

    "In syaa Allah (God willing), in future, it would become a medium to introduce Jakarta to the entire Indonesian community and the world," he affirmed.

    The 493th anniversary of Jakarta coincidentally also marks the success achieved by the capital city's administration in curbing the transmission of covid-19 after a three-month battle.

    "This year, the anniversary celebrations are themed 'Jakarta Resilient' to highlight the fact that residents of this city harbor high spirits and demonstrate resilience in the face of tough challenges presented by the covid-19 pandemic. Alhamdulillah, this pandemic, which was once quite grave in Jakarta, is now brought under control," he emphasized. (antara)


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