Citilink Reopens Direct Flight Between Banyuwangi, Denpasar

    Antara - 28 August 2020 21:43 WIB
    Citilink Reopens Direct Flight Between Banyuwangi, Denpasar
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    Jakarta: Low-cost carrier Citilink has reopened a direct flight between Banyuwangi and Denpasar by employing an ATR 72-600 aircraft on Friday.

    The reopening of the Banyuwangi-Denpasar flight route is part of Citilink's efforts to support the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry's tourism recovery program in Indonesia, Citilink President Director Juliandra noted in a written statement released on Friday.

    Juliandra is optimistic that the reopening of the flight route will boost the domestic tourism industry and contribute positively to various sectors supporting the Indonesian tourism sector.

    Citilink also opened the Denpasar-Lombok flight route on Friday. It will serve the route daily by employing the ATR 72-600 aircraft.

    "Citilink has operated at the Banyuwangi international airport since 2018. Apart from the Banyuwangi-Denpasar flight route, Citilink has also served the Surabaya-Banyuwangi flight route using an ATR 72-600 aircraft," he stated.

    During the covid-19 pandemic, Citilink has always applied stringent health protocols during pre-flights, in-flights, and post-flights in accordance with the existing rules to ensure optimum flights and prioritize health and safety procedures for all customers. (antara)


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