Holland Park Emerges as New Tourist Attraction in Gorontalo

    Antara - 24 Februari 2020 17:46 WIB
    Holland Park Emerges as New Tourist Attraction in Gorontalo
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Gorontalo: Holland Park, with a scenery of myriad colorful flowers and locations for capturing pictures and selfies, has become a new preferred tourist attraction in Gorontalo.

    Based on Antara’s monitoring on Sunday, February 23, visitors thronged this tourist attraction located in Tilihuwa Village, Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province.

    According to Holland Park owner Syamsul Biki, the visitors can enjoy the beauty of thousands of flowers planted along the area of Holland Park. The park is conceptualized with a combination of nuances in Japan and South Korea.

    "There are various types of flowers here, such as Marigold, Celosia, Zinnia, and mini Sunflowers," he explained.

    "For photo spots, we prepared the same concept as the ones in Bandung City, such as colorful houses, ornamental bicycles, and waterwheels," he added..

    Visitors to Holland Park will be charged an entry fee of Rp5,000 per person. To appear even more epic for photos, visitors can also rent some Japanese and Korean traditional clothing for Rp25,000. (Antara)


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