Govt Urged to Cancel Opening of Tourist Sites during Eid Holiday

    Candra Yuri Nuralam - 03 May 2021 12:40 WIB
    Govt Urged to Cancel Opening of Tourist Sites during Eid Holiday
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    Jakarta : The government has been urged to cancel the opening of tourist sites during the 2021 Eid holiday. 

    According to PKB lawmaker Luqman Hakim, the opening of tourist sites could potentially increase the spread of Covid-19.
    “I ask for all tourist attractions to be completely closed during the Eid holiday,” said the Deputy Chairman of the House Commission II in a statment on Sunday.


    The PKB politician stated that the government is unlikely to be able to control people who want to spend their time at tourist sites. Large crowds of shoppers were reported at Tanah Abang Market in Central Jakarta last week.

    "I am pessimistic that the government have the manpower to ensure that health protocols are being followed if tourist attractions are open for public during the Eid holiday," said Luqman.

    He stated that tourist attractions should be opened after the long holiday. The number of visitors is expected to be lower after the end of the holiday period.

    “After the Eid holiday, the government are welcomed to reopen tourist attractions as long as health protocols are followed strictly there,” said Luqman. (Translator: Natasha Celia)


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