Foreign Tourist Arrivals Continue to Decline: BPS

    Antara - 03 Agustus 2020 19:26 WIB
    Foreign Tourist Arrivals Continue to Decline: BPS
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    ?Jakarta: Indonesia recorded 160,280 foreign tourist arrivals in June 2020, dropping 2.06 percent from May 2020, or a drop of 88.82 percent as compared to the corresponding period last year, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) stated.

    "The covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the tourism sector. However, following the relaxation of large-scale social distancing (PSBB) measures, tourism has picked up, albeit still far from normal," Suhariyanto, BPS chief, remarked during a virtual press conference here on Monday.

    During the January-June 2020 period, the total number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia had reached 3.09 million, dropping 59.96 percent from 7.72 million registered during the corresponding period last year.

    The number of foreign air travelers landing in Indonesia reached 1.60 million, while 746.02 thousand came aboard sea vessels, and 741.33 thousand by land.

    During the June 2020 period, Indonesia recorded a drop of 99.53 percent in the number of Middle Eastern tourist arrivals as compared to June 2019, and a decrease of 80.33 percent in the number of foreign tourists from ASEAN member countries.

    Based on nationality, most foreign tourists visiting Indonesia in June 2020 were from East Timor, reaching 82,480, or 51.46 percent, followed by 62,760 visits, or 39.15 percent from Malaysia, and 2,060 visits, or 1.29 percent, from China.

    The number of foreign tourist arrivals at the Soekarno-Hatta Airport increased by 130.13 percent in June 2020 as compared to that in May 2020.

    Suhariyanto believed that the tourism sector would take a long time to recover, given the profound impact of covid-19 on the tourism industry. (antara)


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