Batam International Cultural Carnival 2019 Held at Nongsa Point

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 10 Desember 2019 15:47 WIB
    Batam International Cultural Carnival 2019 Held at Nongsa Point
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Batam: Batam Island, which is famously known as the gateway to Indonesia from the west, held Batam International Cultural Carnival on December 7-8, 2019. 

    The event, which was held at Nongsa Point - Batam City, aimed to introduce the multi-ethnicity features of Batam to international tourists.

    This international-scale carnival gracefully presented the beauty of Riau Islands’ abundant natural and cultural treasures, which was featured on its talent show through four themes of costume: Landmark of Riau Islands, Ethnic of Riau Islands, Flora and Fauna of Riau Islands, and also Oceanna. 

    Moreover, this event not only displayed the cultural feasts of Indonesian ethnics but also invited the delegates from other Asian countries such as India and China to perform and showcase their culture.

    "As the province that is blessed with rich natural wonders, the Riau Islands province has so many exciting tourist attractions," The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy said in a press release issued on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. 

    One of the many highlights is Penyengat Island, which had registered to UNESCO as the World Cultural Heritage in March 2018.  Moreover, tourists who want to shop can feel the extraordinary experience in Nagoya Shopping Street and Batam City Square Mall. Last but not least, Batam is also a place where many international-scale sport tourism events are being held annually, such as Iron Man 70.3 Bintan, International Bintan Triathlon, and many more.

    Through Batam International Cultural Carnival 2019, it is expected that the target of 4 million international tourist visits to Batam will be achieved by the end of 2019. Along 2016 - 2018, the number of international tourist visits to Batam is progressing significantly from 1.920.232 (2016), 2.139.962 (2017), to 2.635.664 (2018).


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