Lore Lindu National Park Plans to Reopen Lake Tambing for Tourists in July

    Antara - 25 Juni 2020 14:59 WIB
    Lore Lindu National Park Plans to Reopen Lake Tambing for Tourists in July
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Palu: The Lore Lindu National Park (TNLL) Office in Central Sulawesi intends to reopen Lake Tambing for tourists by adhering to stringent health protocols to safeguard against the covid-19 pandemic in the upcoming new normal era.

    "Yes, we plan to reopen it in early July 2020," Head of the TNLL Office Jusman stated here on Thursday.

    According to Jusman, during the past three months that the pandemic has protracted, the major tourist destination in Central Sulawesi was closed temporarily to break the chain of spread of covid-19 in the province.

    The reopening of the main tourist attraction will be coordinated with Central Sulawesi Governor Longki Djanggola, as chairman of the covid-19 task force in the province.

    In line with the covid-19 health protocols, tourists are required to wear a mask, maintain a safe required distance from one another, and wash hands before entering and leaving the location.

    Moreover, only 500 people per week will be allowed entry. Under normal conditions, the number of tourists visiting, including from foreign countries, had reached up to three thousand per week.

    The Lake Tambing tourism attraction is located in Sedoa Village, North Lore, Poso Regency, some 90 kilometers from Palu, the capital of Central Sulawesi Province. The lake is situated at 1,700 meters above sea level.

    Ecotourism has gained significant popularity among local and foreign tourists, as it has several unique features in terms of both flora and fauna.

    The lake is surrounded by a thick tropical rainforest that is home to endemic flora, including leda tree (Eucalyptus deglupta Bl) and black orchids as well as fauna, including deer pigs, anoa, eagles, black monkeys, and pythons.

    The facilities in place at the lake enable visitors to observe various species of birds.

    TNLL has no less than 270 species of birds, and 30 percent are endemic animals. It is not surprising if the tourist destination is thronged by several foreign tourists, particularly researchers and bird-watchers from across the globe.

    "Lake Tambing is also known as a paradise of various bird species," he added. (antara)


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