Emirates Marks 27 Years of Service in Indonesia

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 22 Agustus 2019 18:58 WIB
    Emirates Marks 27 Years of Service in Indonesia
    Emirates Indonesia Country Manager Rashid Al Ardha (Photo:Emirates)
    Jakarta: Celebrating 27 years of service in the country, Emirates is committed to providing new experiences for Indonesian travelers.

    Emirates became one of the first airlines to link Jakarta and the Middle East when it introduced its service via Singapore and Colombo in 1992 and later its non-stop daily flights between Jakarta and Dubai in 2008.

    In 2015, Emirates added Denpasar, Bali to its growing network of destinations, making it the second city in Indonesia to be served by a non-stop daily service.

    Last year, Emirates added a new route connecting passengers from Dubai to Auckland via Bali, providing passengers from Bali with more choice.

    The Dubai-based carrier serves Indonesians through two non-stop daily flights from Jakarta to Dubai and a non-stop daily flight between Bali and Dubai. An addional flight from Auckland to Dubai via Bali also operates once daily. All flights from Jakarta and Bali are operated by Boeing 777 aircraft.

    "As Dubai-based carrier, we focus on Dubai because we know what Dubai has to offer to everyone, from being a metropolitan city, being the city that is expanding in daily basis," Emirates Indonesia Country Manager Rashid Al Ardha told a media gathering event here on Thursday.

    "There are new developments and new things all the time because tourism is absolutely important for us and hospitality is embedded in our believe system and our culture," he added.

    As a global air travel hub, Dubai offers travellers with endless options when it comes to shopping, hotel accommodations, attractions and leisure activities. 

    Emirates currently flies to 158 destinations in 85 countries and territories with 257 passengers aircraft and 12 freighter aircraft.

    "We've recently introduced the 48-hour visa to Dubai to make it easier for you to stopover. It is cheaper. It only costs around 10-11 dollars," he remarked. 

    "Over the past ten years, 6.8 million travelers have experienced our award-winning service between both Jakarta and Denpasar and our hub city of Dubai," he noted.


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