Tourism Can Revive If Public Adheres to Health Protocols: Minister

    Antara - 24 June 2021 16:54 WIB
    Tourism Can Revive If Public Adheres to Health Protocols: Minister
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    Magelang: Tourism and Creative Economy Minister, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, has said that the tourism sector can revive amid the pandemic if all stakeholders adhere to the health protocols.

    "All of our activities should be in accordance with the micro-scale public activity restrictions (Micro PPKM) and we can only revive (tourism) if we observe the health protocols," Uno said while observing a business training on cluster-based tourism at super-prioritized destination Borobudur, Magelang, West Java on Wednesday.


    As many as 61 homestay owners in Borobudur area took part in the tourism business training, organized at the village economy hall (Balkondes) Tuksongo.

    The ministry’s activities always refer to zoning and coordination with the regional administrations and local task forces, Uno pointed out.

    He observed that business training is important since it not only helps homestay managers to build physical infrastructure, but also manage digital aspects, such as designing creative content for promotion.

    "I am sure that such trainings are the right programs to assist the public in need. This is a part of the ministry’s fair programs," Uno remarked.

    The minister also asked homestay managers not to indulge in price wars and be less competitive. Fellow homestay managers can serve as friends and help revive tourism, he said.

    "You all have to agree with the fair price and stick to it together. What we compete on is the service quality, so do not offer much discounts that will lead to shutting down one’s business. Setting the high price is also not good. Do not be like that, let it be in accordance with the dealt standard," he advised.

    He also expressed the hope that tourism would revive in tourist villages.


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