Raja Ampat Prepares 3 Locations for Maritime Festival: Official

    19 Juni 2019 11:34 WIB
    Raja Ampat Prepares 3 Locations for Maritime Festival: Official
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Waisai: The Raja Ampat District Government, West Papua Province, has prepared three locations for the Maritime Festival in October 2019.

    The head of Raja Ampat Tourism Office, Yusdi Lamatenggo, said Tuesday in Waisai that the 2019 Maritime Festival will be held in Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat District, Sapokren Village and Teluk Mayalibit.

    He noted that holding events in three locations was intended to empower local communities to pursue tourism businesses to improve their economies.

    The theme of this year's festival is Exotic Raja Ampat.

    At the three locations where the festival will be held there are many people who engage in homestay, speedboat businesses or make their livings with small tourism vessels.

    Therefore, he said, the concept of the Maritime Festival this year is slightly different from the previous year, in which tourists were required to stay at homestays belonging to local communities in Waisai, Sapokren Village, Teluk Mayalibit, and surrounding areas.

    In addition, when traveling to destinations, tourists are required to use speedboats for Raja Ampat, and longboat tours owned by local communities.

    "It is expected that the 2019 Maritime Festival can improve the economy of local communities, especially tourism businesses," Yusdi added. (Antara)


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