Cruise Ship Visits in Raja Ampat Yet to Generate Enough Revenues: Official

    Antara - 24 Januari 2020 20:04 WIB
    Cruise Ship Visits in Raja Ampat Yet to Generate Enough Revenues: Official
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Waisai: Cruise ship visits have yet to generate significant revenues for the government and people in Raja Ampat regency, West Papua province, that have prioritized preservation of nature.

    For instance, the visit of MV "The World" solely contributed Rp25 million (some US$1,800) to the government of Raja Ampat Regency, M. Said Soltief, head of the Raja Ampat One-Stop Investment and Integrated Services (PTSP) Office, remarked here on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

    According to him, to ensure that the cruise ship visits benefit Raja Ampat, involvement of the local community, particularly local tour guides, who are members of the Indonesian Tour Guide Association (HPI), as the official organization of tour guides, is deemed crucial.

    "We are upbeat about MV The World cruise ship involving the HPI, so that tourist activities in Raja Ampat District would run smoothly," the official noted.

    Raja Ampat Rehgent Abdul Faris Umlati expressed shock on finding out that the large cruise ship visiting the scenic Raja Ampat solely contributed Rp25 million.

    The regent is optimistic that the central government is willing to give full authority to the regional government to regulate matters pertaining to tourism based on a sustainable concept, so that it benefits the local community today and in future. (Antara)


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