BTNGR Plans to Reopen Mount Rinjani's Hiking Trails for Climbers

    Antara - 15 Juni 2020 17:42 WIB
    BTNGR  Plans to Reopen Mount Rinjani's Hiking Trails for Climbers
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Mataram: The Mount Rinjani National Park Office (BTNGR) plans to soon reopen the hiking trails of Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province, after obtaining the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Forestry's (KLHK's) approval.

    "We have made various preparations before the hiking trails are opened, but we are still awaiting directions from the ministry," BTNGR Head Dedy Asriady noted here on Monday.

    Various preparations made include bringing about improvements in six hiking tourism routes: Sembalun, Timbanuh, Torean, and Propok, in East Lombok Regency; Senaru in North Lombok Regency; and the Aik Berik hiking trail in Central Lombok Regency.

    The process of repairing all hiking trails was completed since March-end of 2020. Similarly, other tourist destinations, including the Brain Kokoq waterfall, Jeruk Manis waterfall, and Sebau, are ready to receive tourists.

    The Mount Rinjani national park office will discuss with related parties the finalization of climbing and non-trail standard operating procedures (SOP) at the end of June 2020.

    BTNGR has been coordinating with the NTB provincial government, the Government of East Lombok, Central Lombok, and North Lombok regencies, as well as with the covid-19 response team in the area.

    "When the coordination reaches the final stage, we will report it to KLHK to secure permission to open the hiking trails," he revealed.

    BTNGR has temporarily closed all hiking routes of Mount Rinjani and all non-climbing tourist destinations within the national park since March 2020.

    The closure was based on a circular letter of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry as well as a joint decision of the governor of NTB along with the district heads of East Lombok, Central Lombok, and North Lombok, after observing the impact of the widespread spread of covid-19 that has been declared as a national disaster. (antara)


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