Aceh Proclaims Support for Development of Gayo Arabica Coffee

    Antara - 15 September 2021 18:06 WIB
    Aceh Proclaims Support for Development of Gayo Arabica Coffee
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    Banda Aceh: Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah reaffirmed the provincial authority's commitment to supporting development of the local Gayo arabica coffee commodity.

    "This is our third coffee export amid the covid-19 pandemic, and several coffee variants from local coffee entrepreneurs were shipped during the current export," Governor Iriansyah stated in Jakarta, Wednesday.

    An increasing demand for Aceh coffee in foreign markets is apparent from the participation of Aceh's coffee entrepreneurs in the 2021 Specialty Coffee Expo in Louisiana, the United States, and other international events showcasing worldwide coffee variants, especially when the event committee specifically requested Aceh coffee variants, he pointed out.

    "Our effort and strategy to promote Aceh commodities, including coffee, have been successful, as currently, our coffee is well-known in global markets," Iriansyah affirmed.

    Proper coffee farming and quality control methods are deemed necessary to ensure a high-quality coffee product, he noted.

    The governor remarked that the recent conversion to manage coffee farming with the agro-business scheme was primarily motivated by the youth.

    "Youth entrepreneurs understand most what methods are the most apt for modern coffee farming, and the government is committed to supporting them," Iriansyah stated.

    Governor Iriansyah pointed out that the markets for agriculture commodities, including coffee, remained stable and firm despite global fluctuations, especially for commodities developed with a modern farming approach.

    Coffee entrepreneur Maulana Wiga, serving as the CEO of local coffee brand Bepahkupi, confirmed that his brand was invited to participate in the Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States, scheduled in September-October 2021.

    "Praise be to God, by participating in the coffee expo, we have the opportunity to scout for potential buyers and partners, particularly those keen to buy our coffee at acceptable prices or at least equal to the global market price," Wiga remarked.(WAH)

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