Suroboyo Bridge to Be Utilized for Business Activities of MSMES

Antara - 24 January 2022 16:51 WIB
Suroboyo Bridge to Be Utilized for Business Activities of MSMES
Every visitor at the bridge should follow health protocols.
Surabaya: The Surabaya Government has said that the Suroboyo Bridge was being utilized for business activities of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Head of the Surabaya Cooperatives, Small, and Medium Enterprises and Trade Office, Fauzie Mustaqiem Yos, stated that during the opening trial, Suroboyo Bridge was specifically for pedestrians on Sunday, January 23, and his administration had collaborated with 20 MSMEs. He delivered the statement in Surabaya on Monday.
"Some 20 MSMEs are involved. Majority of them are vendors around Bulak Sub-district, Suroboyo Bridge," Yos noted.

Since it was still a testing phase, the traders involved in the program were selling light items, such as handicrafts, accessories, snacks, and bottled beverages, such as sinom and Saffron-colored rice, he added.

Yos highlighted the plan to involve more MSMEs in the policy while adding that they would utilize different locations by the bridge for the MSMEs to conduct their activities depending on the time of the day.

He also currently evaluated the results of the two consecutive days of the trial. He drew attention to the high level of enthusiasm among people during those two days.

The city government has planned to use the Suroboyo Bridge, specifically for pedestrians, on every Saturday night and Sunday morning in future, he remarked.

"The public's enthusiasm is high. Many are interested in going there (Suroboyo Bridge) and walking there. We prohibit two-wheeled or four-wheeled wheels. Our concept is like car-free day, but vehicles are definitely not allowed," Yos remarked.

Yos reminded that every visitor at the bridge should follow health protocols, starting from wearing masks to maintaining distance and using PeduliLindungi to check in.

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi remarked that visitors could enjoy the view of the fountain under the Suroboyo Bridge while being seated at the MSMEs' booths.

The mayor confirmed that his administration continues to finalize the pedestrian-only Suroboyo Bridge concept, with the hopes that it could serve as a new tourist destination that could drive the local economy.

To this end, Cahyadi noted that the government was planning to integrate Suroboyo Bridge with tourist attractions on the Kenjeran Beach coast.

Arrangements for coastal tourism development at the Kenjeran Beach are expected to be completed by 2022.

Kenjeran Beach Amusement Park, Suroboyo Statue, and the Bulak Fish Center were among the destinations to be integrated into one tourism package, he stated.


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