Govt to Distribute 900,000 Tons Rice to 10 Million Families

    Antara - 23 Juni 2020 21:59 WIB
    Govt to Distribute 900,000 Tons Rice to 10 Million Families
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) is prepared to hand out 900 thousand tons of rice under the government's social assistance program to 10 million beneficiary families nationwide impacted by the covid-19 pandemic.

    Bulog's President Director, Budi Waseso, stated here on Tuesday that each family will receive 15 kilograms of rice under the Social Affairs Ministry's program to run until December 2020.

    "After the program was successfully implemented in Greater Jakarta, this time, we implement the program nationwide. Bulog is still entrusted with implementing the program," he stated.

    Waseso revealed that the rice will be distributed in two stages, with the first 450 thousand tons to be distributed within the next three months, while another 450 thousand tons to be handed out until the year-end.

    Currently, Bulog has 1.4 million tons of rice stocks, and domestic staple food supply can be secured without imports.

    "The national rice demand can be adequately met until December, and we do not need to import. This has also taken into account the weather aspect," he noted.

    Earlier in May and June, the agency had distributed the government's social assistance in the form of 25 kilograms of rice for families in the Greater Jakarta areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

    The aid was distributed in two stages, with the first batch of 36,440 tons of rice distributed in 1.45 million packages on May 5-22.

    The second batch was distributed on June 1-15, with 46,546 tons handed out in 1.86 million packages. (antara)


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