Ministry Apportions Rp5.2 Trillion for Training of Human Resources

    Antara - 21 Februari 2020 15:21 WIB
    Ministry Apportions Rp5.2 Trillion for Training of Human Resources
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Kendari: The Manpower Ministry has allotted funds reaching Rp5.2 trillion for training and improving the quality of human resources participating at Vocational Training Centers (BLK) across Indonesia

    "The Ministry of Manpower’s total budget is Rp6.9 trillion of which Rp5.2 trillion is set aside for the training of human resources," Director General of Development, Training, and Productivity at Kemenaker Bambang Satrio Lelono stated in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi on Friday, February 21, 20o20.

    According to him, 76 percent of the fund are allocated for the development of human resources, including for the construction of facilities and rejuvenation of equipment at every BLK in Indonesia. 

    "The budget is for implementing programs to improve competency and productivity of labor that will be trained in 2020 reaching as many as 500 thousand people and will also certify 381,065 people," the official remarked.

    Lelono gave due emphasis to training as being one of the solutions for every workforce to improve their skills and to get jobs.

    To this end, Lelono urged participants in the BLK Kendari to not only hone their skills, encompassing technical and soft skills, but also to become technologically literate.

    With a sizable allocation of funds, he believes that improving the quality of the workforce through competency-based training is expected to achieve the target, not only in terms of quantity and quality, but also in the aspects of labor application in Indonesia as well as boosting productivity.

    "This means the budget allocated by the government can offer benefits to the community and also the industry," the official remarked.

    Consequently, the industry can absorb labor and the community can improve its welfare.

    "The budget can also enhance company productivity and encourage the national economy," the official noted. (Antara)


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