Jakarta Govt to Sell Its Shares in Beer Company in 2020

    Nur Azizah - 20 Agustus 2019 11:40 WIB
    Jakarta Govt to Sell Its Shares in Beer Company in 2020
    The Jakarta Government is committed to selling its shares in PT Delta Jakarta
    Jakarta: The Jakarta provincial administration is planning to sell its shares in PT Delta Djakarta in 2020 so it does not need to include the dividend in the General Budget Policies and Provisional Budget Ceiling and Priorities (KUA-PPAS) of the 2020 Jakarta Regional Budget Draft (RAPBD).

    “It is expected to be sold by 2020, so we will longer receive the dividend.” the Jakarta Region-Owned Companies Adivsory Council acting head Riyadi said here on Monday.

    He also stated that that the regional government is still committed to selling the shares. It has been asking for the Jakarta Legislative Council's permission to implement the policy.

    “The process is on going. We have completed our internal assessment,” he said.

    Jakarta Anies Baswedan hopes that the sale of the Jakarta government' shares in Delta Djakarta LLC., can be completed in the near future so the regional government will no longer receive dividend from the beer company starting in 2020.

    “Hopefully, the sale can soon be completed. Next year, we are no longer going to receive
    dividend gain from PT Delta Djakarta,” the former education minister said.

    The plan was one of his campaign promises during the Jakarta Gubernatorial Election back in
    2017. However, the move has been heavily criticized due to the fact that the dividend from the beer company is numerous compared to other region-owned companies. (Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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