Money Supply Growth Increases in December 2021: BI

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 24 January 2022 13:25 WIB
Money Supply Growth Increases in December 2021: BI
Bank Indonesia (Photo:MI)
Jakarta: As a measure of liquidity in the economy, broad money (M2) growth increased in December 2021, according to Bank Indonesia (BI).

Totalling Rp7,867.1 trillion, M2 growth increased to 13.9% (yoy) in December 2021 from 11.0 % (yoy) one month earlier.
The increase was driven by narrow money (M1) and quasi-money at 17.9% (yoy) and 9.3% (yoy) respectively.

"M2 growth in September 2021 was primarily impacted loans disbursed by the Banking industry and fiscal expansion by the Central Government," BI Communication Department Head Erwin Haryono in a press release on Monday.

Loans disbursed by the banking industry grew 4.9% (yoy) in December 2021, up from 4.4% (yoy) in the previous period.

Net claims on the central government in December 2021 grew 37,7% (yoy), up from 30.4% (yoy) in the previous period.


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