Minister Highlights Persistent Threat of Covid-19

    Antara - 31 May 2021 17:58 WIB
    Minister Highlights Persistent Threat of Covid-19
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    Jakarta: The covid-19 pandemic remains a threat and is causal to uncertainty worldwide, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated.

    "The covid-19 pandemic continues to pose a threat and creates uncertainty for any country in the world," Indrawati noted during a plenary meeting of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) here on Monday.


    The minister cited as an example the tsunami of covid-19 cases in India, although the number of fresh cases had begun to decline at present.

    Moreover, several countries, including neighboring states, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, were bearing witness to new waves of covid-19 cases.

    Indrawati stressed on the need to stringently apply health protocols and ensure fair access to vaccines to tackle the virus.

    Hence, all countries should work unitedly to end the pandemic, and no one should be left behind in a bid to create a sustainable economic recovery.

    It would be difficult to achieve economic recovery if the pandemic is not handled properly, she affirmed.

    The minister emphasized that the Stage Budget (APBN), as a vital economic policy instrument, will always be used for interventions in health management, social protection, and supporting the business world, especially MSMEs.

    "2020 and 2021 teach us that in the midst of high uncertainty, the role of the adaptive, responsive, and flexible APBN is a crucial factor in ensuring that the steps to deal with covid-19 can be taken," she affirmed. Indrawati stated that the government will continue to make efforts to end the pandemic soon.

    The 2022 APBN would continue to support structural reform policies to build a new foundation for an inclusive and sustainable economic recovery.

    "The government really lauds the support and continuous cooperation of all factions in handling the covid-19 pandemic," she stated.

    The minister is optimistic that the pandemic would be effectively controlled through various efforts, such as implementing health protocols and increasing testing, tracing, and treatment, as well as vaccination.


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