Rice Stocks Predicted to Reach 1.8 Million Tons by June 2020: Bulog

    Antara - 15 Mei 2020 22:06 WIB
    Rice Stocks Predicted to Reach 1.8 Million Tons by June 2020: Bulog
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/M Rizal)
    Jakarta: The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) is expected to have 1.8 million tons of rice in stock by June, 2020, the peak harvesting season, the agency’s president director, Budi Waseso, said here on Friday, May 15, 2020.

    Bulog is targeting to absorb 650 thousand tons of unhusked rice produced by the nation’s farmers during the harvesting season from March to June this year, Budi Waseso, popularly known as Buwas, said.

    "I have contacted farmers groups and some suppliers of unhusked rice. We have the contract to absorb 650 thousand tons (of unhusked rice). I think that, until June, we can still absorb at least 650 thousand tons of unhusked rice," he remarked after observing the agency's market operation in Jatinegara Market in East Jakarta.

    Currently, the government's rice stock is pegged at 1.4 million tons.

    “Now, we have 1.4 million tons of rice in stock. Although we used some stock for the disbursement of social assistance during the covid-19 pandemic, we still have adequate stock," he averred.

    Bulog has set a procurement target of 950 thousand tons of domestic rice for the government’s rice reserves (CBP) for 2020.

    During a hearing with Commission IV of the House of Representatives, Buwas said that 61 percent of the target would be met within the three months of April, May, and June this year.

    As of May this year, the agency has absorbed 290 thousand tons of rice harvested by farmers. (antara)


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