Newly Passed Job Creation Bill Expected to Lower Unemployment Rate

    Cahya Mulyana - 07 Oktober 2020 17:19 WIB
    Newly Passed Job Creation Bill Expected to Lower Unemployment Rate
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) hopes that the newly passed Job Creation Bill can help lower the unemployment rate in the country.

    According to Apindo's Manpower and Social Welfare Division Head Harijanto, in 2030, Indonesia will start to reap the benefits of demographic bonus to its advantage.

    However, if the government and companies cannot provide enough jobs, the rising number of working-age population can prompt many challenges.

    "The number of unemployed workers currently is around 45 million. We may have 60 million unemployed workers next decade. It can be a challenge," Harijanto said here on Wednesday.

    On Monday evening, expect for the Democratic Party and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), all factions at the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) agreed to pass the Job Creation Bill into law.

    However, the controversial bill is strongly opposed by labor unions and activists. According to them, the newly passed bill will harm the livelihoods of the workers in the country. the Since Monday, they have been conducting protests in many regions in Indonesia. 


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