Energy Ministry Ensures Readiness of Gresik-Semarang Gas Pipeline

    Antara - 27 July 2021 17:18 WIB
    Energy Ministry Ensures Readiness of Gresik-Semarang Gas Pipeline
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    Jakarta: The Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ministry has ensured the operational readiness of the transmission gas pipeline built from Gresik, East Java, to Semarang, Central Java (Gresem), to meet household, industrial, and power plant needs.

    "The Gresem transmission pipeline is ready to operate along with the onstream gas fields in Kepodang and Jambaran Tiung Baru as well. We are ready to distribute the gas to consumers in the regions of East Java and Central Java," Director of the ESDM Ministry Soerjaningsih noted in a press release, Tuesday.


    Soerjaningsih additionally highlighted that the Indonesian government has continued to increase the allocation of natural gas for domestic needs by setting an affordable price for it.

    In the distribution map of national energy, the utilization of natural gas is targeted to reach 22 percent by 2025, with the targeted increase to 24 percent by 2050, she  noted.

    The Gresem pipeline, with a diameter of 28 inches, can deliver 330 MMSCFD of gas. The pipeline, spanning 275 kilometers from East Java to Central Java, is estimated to cost US$276 million.

    The ESDM Ministry’s director also noted that PT Pertamina Gas was currently completing the construction of a gas pipeline from Tambak Rejo to Tambak Lorok as a connector between the Gresem pipeline and the Kalija pipeline phase I operated by PT Kalimantan Jawa Gas.

    The project, connecting the Gresem pipeline from the Gresik gas station to the Tambak Lorok gas station, is projected to boost industrial growth in Central Java and East Java.

    The Gresem pipeline will also be one of the connecting infrastructures for commissioning the maintenance and production facilities of the Jambaran Tiung Biru field.

    State-owned gas company (PGN) will supply gas from the Kepodang gas field through the Kepodang-Tambak Lorok pipeline to finally enter the Gresem pipeline.

    The Gresem gas pipeline, expected to offer more affordable and environment-friendly energy, will improve the regional economy and strengthen national energy security.


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