Supply, Demand for Financing Expected to Increase in Q4: Survey

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 16 November 2020 17:55 WIB
    Supply, Demand for Financing Expected to Increase in Q4: Survey
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    Jakarta: The Supply and Demand Financing Survey conducted in October 2020 pointed to increasing corporate demand for financing in the upcoming three months, as confirmed by a bump in the weighted net balance (WNB) to 15.1% from 9.0% one month earlier.

    Respondents from the Manufacturing Industry, Mining and Quarrying as well as Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing disclosed higher demand for bank financing.

    In terms of households, respondents were more inclined to seek financing in the next three and six months, particularly in terms of housing loans and automotive loans.

    On the supply side, the banking industry expected to increase new loan disbursements in the fourth quarter of 2020 compared with the realisation recorded in the previous period, as indicated by significant increase in the corresponding WNB to 73.6% from 48.1%, supported by normal lending standards.

    "The Supply and Demand Financing Survey is being conducted on a monthly basis to support the national economic recovery from the impact of covid-19 by providing supply and demand side financing information," said Bank Indonesia (BI) Communication Department Head Onny Widjanarko said in a media release on Monday.

    On the demand side, the survey features the corporate and household sectors, while on the supply side, the purview of the survey is the national banking industry.


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