Media Group Cooperates with Mydible Belgian

    Nia Deviyana - 15 November 2019 11:13 WIB
    Media Group Cooperates with Mydible Belgian
    Cooperation between PT Pangansari Utama, Media Group's subsidiary, with Mydible Belgian has been signed ( Deviyana)
    Jakarta: PT Pangansari Utama, Media Group's subsidiary, has established a cooperation with Mydible Belgian, a Belgian potato company. 

    "Today, we just signed a cooperation between Pangansari Utama and Mydible Belgian concerning food import and export cooperation. For the first time, we will introduce introduce Mydible french fry products to Indonesia," Media Group News CEO Mohammad Mirdal Akib at the Metro TV head office in Jakarta on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

    According to Mirdal, demand for french fries continues to increase. Meanwhile, the company continues to record a positive performance.

    "Our imports only reached 600 tonnes five years ago. Now we can import 8,000 tonnes. The demand for french fries is still high. It will be allocated to Pangansari Utama's business units. In addition, it will be allocated to store distributors," he explained.

    Mirdal stated the company decided to cooperate with Mydible Belgian because it offered good quality products with affordable prices.

    In the meantime, Mydible Belgian commercial director Hendrik Van Houcke welcomed this cooperation. Indonesia is a country with a huge market.

    "Our business is growing in Indonesia and we are very happy with this collaboration. We and Pangansari Utama will develop our business in Indonesia," he noted,

    Media Group has established a number of cooperation with companies from various countries. Pangansari Utama will continue to expand its business activities to other regions, especially Middle East and North Africa.

    "We have expanded to Rwanda and Saudi Arabia. Southeast Asia is our next target," Mirdal remarked.


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