Over 12 Million Indonesians File Annual Tax Returns: Finance Ministry

    Antara - 05 May 2021 14:28 WIB
    Over 12 Million Indonesians File Annual Tax Returns: Finance Ministry
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    Jakarta: A total of 12,481,644 taxpayers have filed their annual tax returns as of April 30, according to the Indonesian Finance Ministry’s directorate general of taxation.

    Of the total taxpayers, 872,995 have filed institutional annual tax returns and 11,608,649 have filed private annual tax returns, director of counseling, service, and public relations at the directorate, Neilmaldrin Noor, disclosed here on Tuesday.


    “As many as 11,892,462 annual tax returns, or 95.3 percent of the total, were reported online through e-Filing, e-Form, and eSPT,” he added.

    The reports recorded an increase of tax returns up to  3.3 percent from the same period a year ago which was recorded at 11,020,002, he said.

    A total of 1,244,789 annual tax returns were filed online, reflecting an increase of 11.7 percent  from last year's figure which stood at 10,647,673 annual tax returns.

    “The obedience in reporting the annual tax returns is the important point to boost the tax revenue,” Noor pointed out.

    He said taxpayers who have not reported their annual tax returns yet will be allowed to do so though they will invite administrative sanctions, as stipulated in the general provisions of the taxation law.

    The directorate has urged the public to pay taxes since they play a significant role in financing the national vaccination program and allocating incentives to people who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.  



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