Consumer Confidence Growing on Increasing Mobility in Indonesia: BI

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 08 October 2021 10:11 WIB
Consumer Confidence Growing on Increasing Mobility in Indonesia: BI
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Jakarta: The latest Consumer Survey performed by Bank Indonesia (BI) in September 2021 indicated growing consumer confidence in economic conditions in response to greater public mobility after the Indonesian Government relaxed covid-19 restrictions.  

The Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) increased to 95.5 in September 2021 from 77.3 in the previous period, with gains reported across all spending, education and age brackets.  
Regionally, respondents reported a higher CCI in all surveyed cities, led by Pontianak, Bandung and Makassar.

"Consumer expectations of future economic conditions charged into optimistic territory with an index reading above 100," BI Communication Department Group Head Muhamad Nur said in a press release on Friday.

The increasing CCI was supported by all components, namely expectations of income, business activity and job availability.  

Consumer optimism in economic conditions moving forward was stoked by increasing public mobility after the authorities relaxed public activity restrictions.


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