National Cash Assistance Programs Launched

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 05 January 2021 12:56 WIB
    National Cash Assistance Programs Launched
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian Government has officially launched National Cash Assistance Programs for 2021, including the Aspiring Family Program (PKH), Non-cash Food Assistance/Staple Food Card, and Social-cash Assistance.

    On Monday, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) symbolically distributed the assistances to a number of beneficiaries.

    "We carry on the distribution of social assistance programs in 2021. Starting today, the programs are disbursed to beneficiaries in 34 provinces," the President said in his remarks.

    He went on to say that the Government has allocated Rp110 trillion for social assistance programs in the 2021 State Budget that is expected to ease the burden of those affected by covid-19 pandemic.

    "We also expect the programs could stimulate national economy, strengthen people’s purchasing power, and increase economic growth," he said.

    In the meantime, Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini said that Rp28.7 trillion of budget allocated for the PKH program will be disbursed to 10 million of beneficiaries. 

    The disbursement will be made through the Association of State-owned Banks (Himbara) in four phases, in January, April, July, and October.

    Meanwhile the Government had allocated Rp42.5 trillion of budget for Non-cash Food Assistance/Food Package program. The assistance program will be distributed to 18.8 million households, one of which will receive Rp200,000 per month.

    As for the Social-cash Assistance, it will be given to 10 million beneficiaries in which each one of them to receive Rp300,000/month for four months. The disbursement will be made through state-owned postal company PT Pos Indonesia.

    In January alone, Rp13.93 trillion will be disbursed, consisting of Rp7.17 trillion for PKH program, Rp3.76 trillion for Non-cash Food Assistance/Staple Food Card, and Rp3 trillion for Social-cash Assistance.

    In ensuring the money is spent for essential goods only, the Ministry will provide guidance to the beneficiaries through dissemination and public information leaflet.

    Beneficiaries of PKH program can use the money to improve the health of their families, to improve education quality of their children, as a capital to start business, and saving. 

    Meanwhile, the Staple Food Card and Social-cash Assistance can be used to buy nutrient-dense foods.


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