Indonesia Eximbank Provides Rp50 Billion for Sarinah to Support Indonesian MSMEs

    Antara - 24 September 2021 20:02 WIB
    Indonesia Eximbank Provides Rp50 Billion for Sarinah to Support Indonesian MSMEs
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    Jakarta: Indonesia Eximbank has offered working capital worth Rp50 billion to the state-owned retail and trade company PT Sarinah (Persero) to support its efforts to promote Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) penetrating the global trade sector.

    "We agreed to the plan to offer financing to PT Sarinah owing to our common vision to support MSMEs entering the global market. We are also planning to collaborate for a coaching program aimed at export-oriented MSMEs, as we are striving to support their endeavor," Executive Director I of the Indonesia Eximbank Dikdik Yustandi stated in Jakarta, Friday.


    President Director of PT Sarinah Fetty Kwartati lauded the support extended by Eximbank to the company by providing additional funds for the working capital and committed to utilizing the funding to support Indonesian MSMEs to penetrate the global market.

    "MSMEs will benefit from the funding. Our companies are also reciprocating to support business transformation in our respective companies," Kwartati affirmed.

    The funding will be utilized to support PT Sarinah's curated MSMEs producing high-quality export commodities to meet global demands, she noted.

    The financial capital agreement signed between the Indonesia Eximbank and PT Sarinah will open a new door for collaboration to support and develop Indonesian MSMEs as the producers of high-quality export products, Kwartati noted.

    Indonesia Eximbank is designated as a Special Mission Vehicle by the Finance Ministry, with a special duty to assist MSMEs eyeing the export market.

    Meanwhile, PT Sarinah remains committed to supporting curated MSMEs and promoting their products in the global market. One of the business strategies employed by PT Sarinah is to engage in a duty-free agreement with global corporations to allow products manufactured in Indonesia to be marketed in international duty-free stores.

    Apart from achieving the company's mission to develop national MSMEs, PT Sarinah remains resolute to supporting the "Proud of Made in Indonesia Products" national campaign. 


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