Indonesia Books $2.44 Billion Trade Surplus in September 2020

    Ilham wibowo - 15 Oktober 2020 14:18 WIB
    Indonesia Books $2.44 Billion Trade Surplus in September 2020
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    Jakarta: The Central Statictis Agency (BPS) announced today that Indonesia's trade balance recorded a surplus of $2.44 billion in September 2020.

    According to BPS Chairman Suhariyanto, Indonesia has registered a trade surplus for five months in a row. In the same period last year, the country's trade balance booked a deficit of $183.3 million.

    Last month, Indonesia recorded a trade deficit with a number of countries, including China ($879.2 million), Ukraine ($140 million) and Brazil ($119 million). On ther other hand, the country recorded a trade surplus with the United States of $1.08 billion.

    "We still recorded a trade surplus with the United States," said the BPS chairman here on Thursday.

    Global economic growth momentum is rebounding on the back of extraordinary fiscal stimuli introduced in several advanced economies, particularly the United States. 

    The recent gains have been boosted by economic recovery in China in response to large fiscal stimuli and a flattening of the covid-19 curve, which have increased investment in the manufacturing industry amidst more muted economic performance in other developing economies. 

    The global economic recovery prompted increases in several early indicators in September 2020, including public mobility, the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for manufacturing and services as well as consumer confidence in the United States and European Union.


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