Indonesia Records Trade Surplus of $4.74 Billion in August 2021

    Eko Nordiansyah - 15 September 2021 14:15 WIB
    Indonesia Records Trade Surplus of $4.74 Billion in August 2021
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    Jakarta: The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) announced Wednesday that Indonesia's trade balance experienced a surplus of USD4.74 billion in August 2021. 

    Last month, exports reached USD21.42 billion, while imports reached USD16.68 billion.
    "Because our exports reached USD21.42 billion, while our imports reached USD16.68 billion, so the surplus was USD4.74 billion," said Head of BPS Margo Yuwono in a video conference on Wednesday.


    Accordin to him, compared to July 2021, Indonesia's exports in August 2021 rose by 20.95 percent.

    Meanwhile. compared to August 2020, the country's exports increased by 64.1 percent 

    With this surplus in August, he said, Indonesia has recorded a trade surplus for 16 consecutive months. 

    Margo hopes that this surplus can continue so that it can support the Indonesian government's efforts to combat the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, 
    "This is a good achievement, we hope that the trend will continue in the following months," he said.
    Cumulatively from January to August 2021, Indonesia's trade balance recorded a surplus of USD 19.17 billion. 


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