HKI Says Industrial Estates Safe from Effects of Flooding

    Antara - 03 Januari 2020 18:57 WIB
    HKI Says Industrial Estates Safe from Effects of Flooding
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    Jakarta: Association of Industrial Estates (HKI) Chairperson Sanny Iskandar confirmed that industrial estates that are HKI members were safe from the effects of floods that struck the Greater Jakarta region.

    "No HKI members have until now reported any impact from flooding on the developed industrial estate," Iskandar remarked when contacted in Jakarta on Friday, January 3, 2019.

    According to the HKI Chairperson, the industrial estate that was well-developed and managed in accordance with the guidelines and technical standards of the area had taken precautionary measures against various events, including flooding, since the start of its construction.

    "Yes, this is since the drainage system has been calculated for annual flooding, and the management also has been running well, starting from the development stage," he stated.

    Hence, manufacturing activities in the industrial area are relatively unhindered during the floods that hit Jabodetabek.

    However, he noted that the employees encountered difficulties to go to the industrial areas.

    "The problem is the access from the employee's house to the location of the area. However, we hope that on Monday, matters would return to normal," he remarked. (Antara)


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