Jokowi Inaugurates Pasuruan-Probolinggo Toll Road in East Java

    Amaluddin - 10 April 2019 14:49 WIB
    Jokowi Inaugurates Pasuruan-Probolinggo Toll Road in East Java
    President Joko Widodo (
    Jakarta: President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo inaugurated the 31.3-kilometer-long Pasuruan-Probolinggo toll road during a working visit in East Java province on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.

    The construction of the Rp2.9 trillion project was started in 2015. It was built by state-owned construction company PT Waskita Karya. 

    The toll road is part of Trans-Java toll road network. It has three toll gates: Tongas Toll Gate, West Prbolinggo Toll Gate and East Probolinggo Toll Gate.

    President Jokowi hopes that the toll road could boost mobility of goods and people in Java island. He believes that the project would benefit the public.

    "The Trans-Java toll road network will be extended from Merak until Banyuwangi. It will be fully connected by 2021," the former Jakarta governor said.

    "It will reduce logistics costs. It will also support tourism sector," the media-savvy politician added.

    Quoting a report from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's gross domestic product grew by 5.17 percent in 2018. It was Indonesia's highest annual growth in five years.
    In terms of production, the highest growth was achieved by Other Service Business Fields at 8.99 percent. From expenditure side, the highest growth was achieved by the Non-Profit Institution Consumption Component Serving Households (PK-LNPRT) at 9.08 percent.

    Java Island contributed the most to GDP which amounted to 58.48 percent, followed by Sumatra Island at 21.58 percent, and Kalimantan Island 8.20 percent. 

    In the meantime, the number of foreign tourists arrivals in Indonesia stood at 1.27 million in February 2019. It grew by 6.12 percent compared to the same month last year.

    In February 2019, Malaysian tourist arrivals stood at 275.3 thousand, up 33.67 percent than that in February 2018. China was placed second, with 200.9 thousand tourists, or a decrease of 6.31 percent. Singapore was placed third, with 147.9 thousand tourists, or a 17.86 percent rise.


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