Investment Realization in Surabaya Reaches Rp36 Trillion as of September

    Antara - 21 November 2019 15:53 WIB
    Investment Realization in Surabaya Reaches Rp36 Trillion as of September
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    Surabaya: The realization of investment in Surabaya in the year ending Sept 30 had touched Rp36.39 trillion, according to the Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service (DPM-PTSP).

    "Non-facilities remain the dominant contributor to the achievement," the agency's investment promotion and development division head Agus Setyoko remarked in the capital of East Java province on Thursday, November 21, 2019.

    The official noted that the investment constituted domestic investment (Rp4.29 trillion), foreign investment (Rp0.14 trillion), and non-facilities (Rp32.46 trillion)

    According to him, non-facilities refer to local investors including micro, small and medium-scale businesses, startups and other home industries. 

    However, digital start-ups constitute the largest share of the local economy.

    "It turns out that digital economy is quite a defining trending. Transactions at malls are made digitally. Looking ahead, we will attempt to enter this type of business and study thoroughly the digital economy," he explained

    To aid in improving the trend of investment in Surabaya, the local government has eased all licensing procedures, including those for start-ups, with the objective of drawing more domestic and foreign investment. (Antara)


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