Indonesia's Total Export Value Reaches $15.3 Billion in January 2021

    Husen Miftahudin - 15 February 2021 13:53 WIB
    Indonesia's Total Export Value Reaches $15.3 Billion in January 2021
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    Jakarta: The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) today reported that Indonesia's total export value in January 2021 reached USD15.3 billion. 

    According to the BPS Chairman Suhariyanto, on a monthly basis, Indonesia's total export value was down by decreased by 7.48 percent.

    On the other hand, on a yearly basis, the country's total export value grew by 12.24 percent.

    "If we look at the cycles in the previous years, there is always a decline from January to December," said the BPS chairman in a virtual press conference here.

    "We have a lot of activities in December, while January is the start of the year," said the official.

    Compared to the prevous month,  oil and gas exports decreased by 13.24 percent, while non-oil and gas exports fell by 7.11 percent. 

    Compared to the same period last year, oil and gas exports surged by 8.30 percent, while non-oil and gas exports also rose by 12.49 percent.
    "Of course this is very encouraging and we hope that in the future our export value will be even better," he said.


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