Manpower Ministry Still Preparing 2021 Wage Subsidy Program for Workers

    Antara - 23 July 2021 19:38 WIB
    Manpower Ministry Still Preparing 2021 Wage Subsidy Program for Workers
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    Jakarta: Manpower Minister Ida Fauziyah revealed that the ministry was still preparing the policy for distribution of wage subsidy program (BSU) for workers in 2021.

    The policy was created to help the labor sectors impacted by COVID-19, especially during the emergency community activities restriction (PPKM) period.


    "Through the 2021 BSU program launched for the public on Wednesday (July 21) night, (I) hope (it) would prevent job losses (PHK) and help workers laid off or whose salaries were cut because of the limitation of work hours. This effort is obviously to suppress the unemployment and poverty rates," Fauziyah noted in a written statement in Jakarta, Friday.

    The Ministry had launched four National Economic Recovery (PEN) programs since 2020 that directly addressed labor issues in Indonesia, according to Fauziyah.

    The first program was BSU offered to 12.2 million people, while the second was the pre-employment cards for 5.5 million people, the third was productive aid for micro enterprises targeting 12 million people, while the fourth pertained to labor intensive programs in ministries for 2.6 million people.

    "The four programs are the tokens of seriousness from the Manpower Ministry as one of the managers of PEN that always attempts to cope with the impacts of COVID-19 on the labor sector," she emphasized.

    They also launched several programs in 2020 to address the impacts of COVID-19, such as vocational training involving 121 thousand participants, training to boost productivity for 11 thousand workers, and competency certification for nearly 750 thousand participants.

    Other programs comprised entrepreneurship, labor-intensive, and business incubation programs, with a total of 322 thousand participants.

    The Ministry also established a cooperation network for the placement of workers during the pandemic, thereby successfully placing 948 thousand workers both within the nation and abroad.

    "We can sum up the extent of the government's efforts to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the labor sector, and the figure could reach 34.6 million people, exceeding the working age population impacted by COVID-19, which according to the BPS survey, reached 29.12 million people," she stated.

    The minister noted that the central government had worked along with the regional government to provide investment permits to ensure that investments could absorb the labor force optimally.

    Such measure was deemed necessary, so that investments made were truly in accordance with the needs and advantages of the characteristics of each region as well as offers maximum contribution to development, including in terms of employment.

    "The government is also implementing a cross-sectoral collaboration strategy in terms of investment development, specifically in the implementation of national strategic projects that involve various ministries and agencies in that process. For instance, the super priority tourism area development program, for which the Labor Ministry, through BLK, is involved in developing the quality of available human resources," Fauziyah stated.


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