Govt to Issue Positive Investment List Next Month

    Eko Nordiansyah - 17 Februari 2020 19:05 WIB
    Govt to Issue Positive Investment List Next Month
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    Jakarta: Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) head Bahlil Lahaladia has revealed that the Government will issue the positive investment list next month.

    "There were 20 business sectors in the last negative investment list (DNI). We want to open 14 of them," the BKPM leader said here on Monday, February 17, 2020.

    "The new DNI will be issued later. We will wait for the signing of the presidential regulation (perpres)," he said.

    Investment realization in the period of January-December 2019 achieved Rp 809.6 trillion or reached 102.2 percent to the target of 2019 investment realization of Rp 792.0 trillion. The total investment realization value in this period involves the realization of DDI and FDI which value of Rp 386.5 trillion (47.7 percent) and
    Rp 423.1 trillion (52.3 percenr). 

    Based on investment location, investment realization in Java reached Rp 434.6 trillion (53.7 percent). Meanwhile the investment realization in out of Java accomplished of Rp 375.0 trillion (46.3 percent).

    The top 5 investment location of total investment realization (DDI & FDI) in the period of January-December 2019 are West Java (Rp 137.5 trillion, 17.0 percent), Special Territory of Jakarta (Rp 123.9 trillion, 15.3 percent), Central Java (Rp 59.5 trillion, 7.3 percent), East Java (Rp 58.5 trillion, 7.2 percent), and Banten (Rp 48.7 trillion, 6.0 percent).


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